Every Body and Everybody is different…

Kova Yoga is for everybody and every body. Kova yoga is for you.

Many of the reasons you think you can’t do yoga are the reasons you should do yoga. Let go of what you think you know about yoga, get ready to sweat, laugh, and leave feeling amazing.

Kova Yoga is a vinyasa based practice that uniquely combines this fluid, fast paced style with a deep focus on alignment allowing you to discover the depth of each pose without becoming bored with the practice. Classes are designed to be all levels, giving students a variety of options.

NO Sanskrit, NO Chanting, NO Yoga-tude… Yoga doesn’t have to be so serious. This is YOUR practice, Kova Yoga is about YOU!

Let go of your preconceived ideas about yoga, I’m not your average Yogi, and I don’t believe you have to be either. Yoga is a practice of steadying the fluctuations of the mind thus allowing you to bridge the gap between the mind and body. Yoga and the mind body connection can manifest all sorts of things such as: internal and external healing, more energy, clarity of thought or purpose, stress relief, boost immune system, improved sleep, better ability to deal with stress, increased libido (and the flexibility to compliment), weight management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, increased overall quality of life. With that said, don’t you think EVERYONE should do yoga?! I DO!

My mission with Kova Yoga is to reach millions by creating a practice that is for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY. You DON’T have to be flexible or a Buddhist to come to practice Kova Yoga, nor do you have to study Sanskrit names for hundreds of poses. Yoga doesn’t have to be a way of life, it can just be something good you do for your mind and body; but if you keep practicing it WILL change your life.

Meet Our Team

Sara Kova Zimmermann
Sara began formal dance training at age 4 gaining a deep understanding of movement at a young age. As a child the Florida native was always found outdoors, swimming, biking, creating dance routines, or climbing trees often without shoes. Her years of formal dance and natural island girl nature laid down the foundation that fitness should be FUN, and shoes are not always needed.

Sara established her love for Yoga at age 13. In her early 20’s she went on an esoteric journey, on which she became a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Pranic healer. This journey landed her in Hawaii, were she felt a deep earth energy connection. Sara left the island to continue her studies in Los Angeles, training with some of the top teachers in the yoga community such as Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, and Saul David Rea.

Although Yoga has been her main focus, fitness and health have always come naturally. With an energetic, positive, and motivational personality Sara is a natural fitness instructor. Creating a fun uplifting atmosphere in all of her classes. She has taught Yoga and fitness classes in: California, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Germany and even India. Now she is back on Oahu the beloved island of which she calls home.


• Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification, Yoga Alliance, 2010
• Living Mandala 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced Teacher Training:
• Trance Dance Teacher Training w/ Shiva Rea
• Asana Common Problems and Solutions w/ Annie Carpenter
Usui Reiki – Tibetan Tradition: Master Level
Usui Reiki: Lev I and Lev II
Chikara Reiki Do: Master Level
Chikara Reiki Do: Lev I and Lev II
Tumo Reiki: Lev I and Lev II

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